I have had the huge privilege of shooting a fashion photo shoot with my friends at The Collab, a team of photographers, stylists, makeup artists and models (and more) of which I am privileged to be a member.

We chose to shoot in Winter Park, FL, quickly becoming one of my most frequented shooting spots.

This is our first team shoot and it was picked up by a fashion blog called "Fashion Daily Magazine" run by Brigette Segura. The full editorial can by found at http://fashiondailymag.com/editorial-spring-blooming/ But I couldn't help but share a few of the shots!

It took a lot of time to get this shot right, we took multiple takes and had to test several locations for the chair.

Saw this beautiful little side road and knew it would make a great shooting spot.

This was the back porch of someone's house. The home owner saw us passing by and when Iliana asked if we could shoot there he miraculously said yes. We didn't have to trespass, it was nice.

For our 5th outfit, we found a dock on the lake as the sun was setting. I'm using my Yongnuo YN-360 (I call it a bright saber) to light everything.

Credits: Photographer: Chris Quevedo (me) instagram.com/InvictaPhotoWorks

Model: Yessy Rivera instagram.com/yessysetssail

Stylist: Jennifer Rosado instagram.com/jenni_dear

HMUA: Iliana Rivera instagram.com/labellavidaartistry.

Fashion: instagram.com/sloanesquareboutique, instagram.com/swarovski, instagram.com/latisteclothing instagram.com/blueblushclothing #EditorialCollab #brigitteseguracurator // #FashionDailyMag.